Pavers: We are them, We don’t lay them.


There is a lot of confusion about the difference between pavers and paving. PaveCo is a paving and asphalt company. We are providers of complete asphalt, paving, and parking lot maintenance services. Paver companies lay bricks. The driveways that are lined with bricks/pavers or pool decks that have the same… those are pavers. While pavers are aesthetically pretty and for certain areas make total sense, paving and asphalt is far more durable, weather resistant and will last much longer with way less maintenance if kept in good shape. With proper sealcoating and upkeep, your paved driveway should cause no issues. Pavers are initially more expensive and can crack or have weed growth between etc.

Neither one is a bad choice. We just need to understand the difference. We specialize in commercial parking lot maintenance therefore we don’t use pavers and promote asphalt and paving. When looking for a reliable company to fix holes, cracks, or do complete overhauls of paving or asphalt, call us. If you’re looking for pavers for your driveway or pool deck, we would be happy to refer you elsewhere, or probably try and convince you why paving would be a better choice.

We are a paving and asphalt company. We don’t dislike pavers, we just don’t lay them.


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