Asphalt: Boring to some, but crucial to all!

Asphalt is one of those subjects that most would scroll past as a possible article to read. I mean what is there to say besides the obvious, it’s crucial for roads and parking lots and driveways and it makes all of the above possible and hopefully smooth (if cared for). When we began our PaveCo journey, we wanted to find a way that would entice the general public to not only our brand, but what we do. So we got creative. What if we focused more on the who, what, where and why’s of the asphalt business? What if we showcase our staff and humanize to whole process. So that’s what we did and what we continue to do.

Asphalt and paving aren’t topics that usually come up in happy hour conversation…unless on the way to happy hour you busted your tire in a pothole or almost crashed trying to dodge a sinkhole. It’s rare we speak about how smooth our drive was or how nice it was to pull into Publix the other day and park easily and without any bumps in the lot. BUT maybe we will talk about the story we read about the guy who paves for PaveCo who is from the Virgin Islands or the funny video we saw of guys “filling holes” at the Walmart parking lot. If we humanize an often mundane subject, just maybe we will bring attention to the matter as well as our business.

This is what we strive to do. To make asphalt and paving, a normally boring subject to most, an at least slightly more entertaining one. Don’t take for granted that smooth drive or easily read lines/signage when trying to park, that comes from a company who cares about their employees and a business who does the best asphalt and paving for their clients!


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